Saturday, November 3, 2007


So much good food in Seattle!

Our first day there was focused almost entirely on eating! For our first meal , we checked out the Eat Well Guide to find a tasty place to get some good organic, local food. We went to The Portage Bay Cafe and found it to be a great place to catch up with old friend, Jeremy. After a walk around Greenlake, we went to Nana's Soup House for some super tasty corn chowder and clam chowder. There is just no place in DC where we can soak up cheerful friendly service, warm, hardwood atmosphere, and hearth-y food that makes Seattle a great place to eat.

For dinner, we departed a bit from this model at elemental - more reminiscent of New York eating. The service is more serious than cheerful, the atmosphere sparse (when the senses are absorbed in food and drink this good, who notices the atmosphere?).

For a Friday night dinner, we had to get in line at 4:30 to be sure to get one of 4 or 5 tables in the restaurant. Co-owner Phred then tended to us and our small posse of friends and family for the evening. He welcomed us with a cocktail and some fragrant popcorn (truffle oil?) which was an indicator of the indulgence to come. He then proceeded with a parade of pleasing plates, each paired with perfect wine accompaniments... Albondingas on a pita cracker with spicy tomato sauce... squash soup that smelled like butter... sable fish with soba noodles... and so many more, each paired with a tasty wine (or two). The food, the wine, the company - all of it was divine.

Other highlights from our trip include catching up with Nora on a walk along the canal in Fremont, time with family, several hours spent at the cozy neighborhood bookstore and multiple meals at the Honeybear cafe and the pub downstairs. And perhaps best of all, this hike on the trail to Mt. Forgotten.

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