Wednesday, November 14, 2007

veto victory?

Someone asked me if Congress' recent overturning President Bush's veto of the Water Resources Development Act was related to my work.

It is loosely related, but I didn't work on this bill at all.  WRDA covers water infrastructure like rerouting rivers and building levees.  It's not directly linked to what I work on, which is more like making sure that the water that you and I get in our homes is safe to drink, and that the water we flush down our toilets is clean before it lands in our lakes and rivers. 

Congress' passage of WRDA is good in that it provides funding for water, but complicated because the projects that the bill funds are often pork, and do not fully consider the environmental impact associated with them.  The bill funds lots of stuff we wouldn't like and didn't do enough to reform the Army Corp of Engineers' project planning process.

This guy offers an interesting analysis (though he is a little harsh on "environmentalists" - since when does Nature Conservancy represent the broad spectrum of enviros?).

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