Monday, November 26, 2007


Today is my 32nd birthday and our press staffer took this head shot of me for a magazine interview i did recently.

We had a great time in Poquoson; we ate lots of tasty food and hung out with some adorable kids and well-loved family.

And we decided to extend Thanksgiving to every day of the year.  After reading Give Thanks. It's Good for You: Research on Gratitude Shows Evidence of Mental Health Payoffs in the Post last week, we decided to make a tradition of saying a sort of grace at the beginning of our dinners together by sharing something that we're grateful about that day.

Last night I was grateful for the time I had over the weekend to get caught up on housework so I could feel more grounded at home and was also grateful for my sweetheart making dinner and doing lots of chores.  What are you grateful for?

Here you can take a quiz on how gratitud-ful you are. 

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